No, the dishwasher is not a person. It is a machine that gives a person more time to enjoy their day. If you are old-fashion and really enjoy scraping and scrubbing dried spaghetti sauce, then please read the sinks tab on our site. If not, then consider your dishwasher options.

Types of Dishwashers

Dishwashers, much like all kitchen appliances, come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. If you have limited space, it is possible to find a smaller dishwasher. In fact, if you have nowhere near your sink to install a dishwasher, you can purchase a portable dishwasher! Portable dishwashers work by attaching a line to your kitchen sink.

Built-in Dishwashers are permanently fixed underneath a counter. These require a separate water line, but they are convenient as they do not prevent you from using your sink. The downside to these is that you lose a lot of cabinet space and they can sometimes require extra effort to uninstall.

Things to Consider:

  • Stainless steel or plastic? Stainless is more expensive, but keeps cleaner and allows for hotter water
  • How many spray jets? The more angles, the cleaner the dishes.
  • Energy use? Is your dishwasher an Energy Star appliance?
  • Do you want a waste grinder? This will allow you to place any dirty dish in the washer.
  • Do you dislike dry spot marks? You can purchase a dishwasher with a heated dryer option.

The options are as varied as your spending allows. When shopping, consider all these options and think about what you truly desire.

Maintenance of a dishwasher depends on your determination. As mentioned above, a stainless steel dishwasher theoretically should stay cleaner and last longer than plastic. If you have many moving parts like jets and grinders, then there is a higher chance of something needing to be repaired. Professor Plumb offers competitive pricing that allows us to come and repair your washing machine cheaper than the competition. The first fifteen minutes of service is only $39. Each additional fifteen minute period is $20. We also do installations. This means we can connect your dishwasher to the appropriate line and set it within its alcove all in one visit. This will allow you to begin using the dishwasher immediately after its arrival. That means, you can have us install a dishwasher and perhaps tighten sink handles, unclog a drain, or even install a toilet or water heater!

The average dishwasher can range between $300 and $500. When you begin to add delivery and installation charges on top of that, it is easy to see why you should choose a professional service that can work efficiently at an affordable price. Our experts know what they are doing. Trust Professor Plumb with your dishwasher installation and maintenance.

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