Garbage disposals

Garbage disposal repair and installation

If you do not have a garbage disposal, you may be wondering why so many use them. The obvious premise is to effectively eliminate food scraps and debris while cleaning dishes. Yet, there are actually good, environmental reasons for doing this. Solid waste does more harm to the environment. It produces noxious gases and takes up space. By using a garbage disposal in your sink, you are able to turn solids into liquids. This allows you to dispose of scraps more easily.

How does garbage disposal Works

A garbage disposal is connected to a sink, most commonly, a kitchen sink. Once food particles are sent down the drain, they enter a chamber used for grinding debris down. In this chamber, debris is ground between impellers and a grinder. It cannot pass out of this chamber until it is small enough to fit through small openings. This effectively “mushes” it to appropriate levels. Most systems use water immediately. They can do this automatically or by manual insertion of water. Others utilize more blades, or some sort of buffer to block food particles from rising back out of the disposal. After debris is crushed, it drains just as easily as a liquid.

Jams and Breaks

The big fear people have is a clogged garbage disposal. Chances are you have seen someone on T.V. put their hand in one. This is not common and is not at all likely. That being said, foreign objects, like utensils, glass, and toys can damage or jam your garbage disposal. If this happens, there are ways to clear the obstruction with ease. If an easy method does not fix the problem, then you can work from underneath the sink to attempt a repair. This is not common, but if the problem is extreme, it is time to call a plumber. A hard object can also break components of the disposal. Sharp points, the chamber, rotating components and even the motor can be broken if something jams.

More common items that will get hung are thick peelings, stringy material, and hard leaf-like objects. This can be removed, but use caution when disposing of thicker objects. A garbage disposal is not meant to dispose of all objects.

Garbage Disposals Installation

Professor Plumb is able to install a new garbage disposal without damaging your kitchen. Before purchasing one, you must be mindful of the space you have. This will decide how large of a disposal you can buy and how much pipe will be needed to make a proper connection. Once this is decided, Professor Plumb can add the garbage disposal to your sink in no time at all. If you are installing a new sink or perhaps a dishwasher, this is the ideal time to consider adding a garbage disposal.

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