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Water flows to the lowest point with the least amount of resistance. Many houses have basements. In other parts of the country, houses may be lower than the water table level, but in the Birmingham area, this is most often confined to a basement or other low place. Water can fill these places causing mildew, mold, or even wood rot. This creates a dangerous situation for the inhabitants. For this reason, some houses require a sump pump.

A sump pump is an electrical, sometimes battery operated, machine used to pump water out of a house and into some form of drain or sewer system. Some houses have a basin specifically for this purpose. Others use the sump pump in times of flooding, rain or the entrance of natural ground water. If the foundation of a house is below the water table level, a sump pump will be needed.

A pedestal pump has a motor on top of the pump. This allows for easier access. It is the cheaper option and it can last up to 30 years. The other option is called a submersible pump. These pumps are more insulated against water damage. They are able to pump debris much better than pedestal pumps, but submersible pumps are more expensive and do not last as long.

For large buildings, it is ideal to have a sump pump to prevent extreme ground erosion. This can destabilize the infrastructure of a building. It is important to keep sump pumps clean and working consistently. Professor Plumb is able to repair or install sump pumps for your home or business. We have affordable prices and our labor rates are unbeatable. It is recommended that a sump pump be serviced at least once a year to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. Regular maintenance can keep you from spending more money later.

Back up

Although some may think to regularly maintain the main pump, many pumps have backups in case of power outage. These are usually charged by a marine battery of some sort. Since it is not regularly used, its components may fail and no one will be aware until an emergency. We suggest keeping an eye on these backups as well.


If you are purchasing a new sump pump or replacing an old one, Professor Plumb offers all services. We specialize in installation and can help you decide where the best place is to install it. Choosing a sump pump can depend on many variables as well. You should check how long of a power cord you will need. Also, how much voltage can you pull. Do you need an automatic pump or manual? These are simply ways to keep your home and family healthy for years to come.

Professor Plumb mainly serves Columbiana, Wilsonville, Calera, Montevallo, Harpersville. Chelsea, and Childersburg, Alabama. We offer free price quotes and we always treat your home with care and respect.


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